Duffy Works Stump Grinding Services

1 Stump or 100

Serving All of Connecticut


Save money on your energy bills by calling us for your firewood needs.


Stock up on firewood and stay warm all winter. Purchase our pre-cut firewood or we can cut firewood from your own backyard.


Keep warm the old-fashioned way with a crackling fireplace or wood-burning stove. Enjoy the ambiance and the savings on your heating bill.  Rely on us for quality firewood at a reasonable price.


Quality firewood always available including hardwoods, softwoods, air dried firewood, stove-top firewood, green firewood, and seasoned firewood.

Do you need firewood?

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Stock up on firewood

If you've got unwanted trees in your backyard that would make good firewood, just let us know.


Whether you need 1 bundle of firewood or enough to last you the entire season, you can count on us.